• FACT #1: There is no law making working Americans liable for the income tax (MORE)

  • FACT #3: Your right to earn a living is as exempt from taxation as freedom of speech (MORE)

  • FACT #2: There is no lawful basis for treating personal earnings as 100% profit (MORE)

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Tom Cryer: Restoring Economic Rights

Tom Cryer on the Income Tax - Part 1

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Rediscover your constitutional rights

Dare to look behind the Wizard's curtain and you'll discover the "Great and Powerful Income Tax" is a monumental fraud. Cleverly built over decades amid the swamp of a single misunderstood word ("income") not to mention boxcars of false data heaped on school children, what your "income" actually IS -- as guaranteed by the US Constitution -- and what you think it is, are two separate things. Read on as Attorney Tom Cryer delivers you out of the IRS catecombs, toward a deeper appreciation of your own cherished freedoms and economic rights.

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September 11, 1949 - June 4, 2012

Early this morning, our Constitutional Republic lost one of its most formidable Patriot warriors against tyranny and sedition. Tommy Cryer, age 62, of Shreveport, Louisiana, was an honest, principled, and valiant attorney — a true American hero. He saw his duty, and did not shirk from it; he met it head on, and through his knowledge and fortitude was able to prevail against the forces of evil.

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Don't Take My Word For It

Dear Congressman/Senator _____________:

I would certainly hope and I am therefore assuming that you take your solemn oath of office as seriously as I would if I were to take that oath and that you consider your obligation to support the Constitution and laws of the United States foremost among your duties as a representative in our Congress. I also believe you would agree that you cannot support and defend what you do not know.

I therefore respectfully, but urgently, request that you submit the following questions to the Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress:

1. What, if any, is the statutory basis for the Internal Revenue Service's contention that the typical working American citizen is liable for the income tax?

2. What, if any, is the statutory basis for the Internal Revenue Service's "zero basis" rule, which considers wages, salaries and other personal earnings as 100% profit—income
within the Constitutional definition of the term—while not treating gross receipts for any other conversion of capital or labor as income?

3. What, if any, Supreme Court rulings recognize the federal government's authority to tax ("power to destroy") the exercise of fundamental rights, such as the fundamental right to earn a living through one's own labor at any lawful occupation of his choosing?

In your inquiry, please specifically instruct the CRS to confine its response to statutory and Supreme Court authorities, since only statutes can impose liability or define the scope of any strictly construed law (as are tax laws) and, therefore, regulations purporting to expand that scope are of no force or effect, and only the Supreme Court (not inferior courts, which are the creatures of Congress and, therefore, can possess no authority greater than their creator) can provide authoritative interpretation of Constitutional terms and/or limitations.

I already know the answers to those questions, which you can obtain yourself by reading the comprehensive and authoritative memorandum you can find at (www.truth-attack.com/jml/images/stories/PDF/cryer_MEMORANDUM.pdf), but I believe receiving the answers to those questions from your own research resources would be even more convincing.

When you receive the answers to those inquiries, please provide me with a copy of CRS's response along with your statement relating exactly how you intend to perform your sworn duty in light of the answers.

Respectfully, but conditionally, yours,


Cease And Desist Letter

Dear Senator or Congressman (Name) or
Dear IRS [your local office]:

I have learned that there is no law making the average working American, myself included, liable for the income tax and that the IRS has lied in order to steal trillions of hard-earned dollars from working families without legal justification. I find that very disturbing.

The IRS and the Treasury Department have for years refused to respond to any inquiry regarding what law makes the average working American, myself included, liable for the tax. The reason they have refused is that there is no law.

I have also learned that the IRS contends my labor, my skill and my personal effort, and even my worklife span, which are my property and are depleted every day, are not only worthless, but that I have given absolutely nothing in exchange for my earnings. I deeply resent and am profoundly offended by that claim.

I have also learned that the tax, applied to 100% of my earnings, is taxing my human capital, what I have given up and invested in order to receive and EARN (NOT been given for nothing) my earnings. As applied, the IRS is taxing my property, my capital, which the Constitution prohibits without apportionment among the states.

My right to earn a living for myself and my family by engaging in any lawful occupation is my God-given, natural, fundamental right, and is Constitutionally exempt from taxation.

I therefore demand that this unlawful and unconstitutional practice of conning and extorting money from hardworking Americans cease immediately. I await and expect your prompt and favorable reply.


[your signature]

Is It About Money?

Think again. This is about your freedom and your right to govern your own life, community and state; but most of all this is about your sole ownership of your labor and the fruits of that labor. You are not a slave, not in whole, not in part, not in any way.

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Is It About Freedom?

  • The US Constitution prohibits any direct tax upon your labor or property. When federal agencies are allowed to operate above the law only then can you be ruled by fear, intimidation and force.  YOU ARE NOT FREE!
  • The Fed uses money stolen through income tax to buy legislators and bring states in line. Thus the Fed, not you nor your state representatives, rules. Your state has  been reduced, once again, to a colony of a distant and indifferent  government, and YOU ARE NOT FREE!
  • Finally, third, and perhaps even more importantly, the power to tax  is the power to destroy. If the federal government can tax one freedom, it can tax all of our freedoms. If we permit them to tax our most precious and  fragile assets, if all we have is kept only by the consent of the  government—then we are at its mercy and YOU ARE NOT FREE!

Our Mission: Evolution, Not Revolution

A wall stands between you and economic freedom. That wall went up one brick at a time but can be taken down in the same way. Help us get Americans and even the IRS to better understand our Constitutional freedoms. And engage with the IRS safely through risk-free activities.

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Welcome to Truth Attack, a coalition of like-minded citizens and groups working to restore the limited and distant federal republic guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Memorandum

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Tom Cryer wrote The Memorandum. A must-read for every American. Welcome to the fight for YOUR economic rights.

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