• FACT #1: There is no law making working Americans liable for the income tax (MORE)

  • FACT #3: Your right to earn a living is as exempt from taxation as freedom of speech (MORE)

  • FACT #2: There is no lawful basis for treating personal earnings as 100% profit (MORE)

Innocence Revealed Now Available on DVD.

Five Attorneys and a former IRS Special Agent shows that the average American does not owe income tax. Amazing information! More Details

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New / Operation Trojan Horse Now Available on DVD.

See what an ex Special IRS Criminal Investigation Division agent has to say to his colleagues about who is required to file and pay an income tax. More Details

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Tom Cryer: Restoring Economic Rights

Tom Cryer on the Income Tax - Part 1

Part 2          Part 3          Part 4

Rediscover your constitutional rights

Dare to look behind the Wizard's curtain and you'll discover the "Great and Powerful Income Tax" is a monumental fraud. Cleverly built over decades amid the swamp of a single misunderstood word ("income") not to mention boxcars of false data heaped on school children, what your "income" actually IS -- as guaranteed by the US Constitution -- and what you think it is, are two separate things. Read on as Attorney Tom Cryer delivers you out of the IRS catecombs, toward a deeper appreciation of your own cherished freedoms and economic rights.

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More Mini-Sems Are In The Works for Venues Across The Country—Why Not Schedule One In Your Town to Boost Your Group’s Membership and Raise Funds?

Free Enterprise Society is sponsoring another pair of TA Mini-Sems for this coming weekend, April 25th and 26th, 2009, both featuring Tom Cryer as the principal presenter.  These one day seminars are a new and improved version of those conducted previously and are specially geared to bring new blood into the tax honesty and freedom movements.

Each mini-sem has been a learning tool and what has been learned has been incorporated into the new format and content.  The upcoming presentations will include an informative overview of what is happening to our freedom and our country and what we can do about it.  Segments include:

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished—an account of Tom Cryer’s case that demonstrates just how rotten our government and our judicial system have become.

What We Have Lost/Why We Can’t Win A  P  A  R  T—a compelling animated power point presentation including a unique overview of the Constitutional federal government we are entitled to have and an account of how that limited federal republic has been hijacked by a power-crazed and greedy oligarchy concluding with an explanation of why all our efforts have failed.

Why We CAN Win UNITED/The First Tentacle—another illustrated power point display of Truth Attack’s general plan to consolidate the freedom movement into a fist and fragment the government into smaller targets—Fists and Fingers—along with a persuasive presentation of the income tax issues that even an initiate can comprehend on sight.

So, What’s The Plan?/Why Will It Work?—A detailed, power point supported unveiling of Truth Attack’s overall plan to restore our Constitutionally limited federal republic, fighting smart, surrounding the singled out bully on legal, public relations and political fronts where it cannot fight back.  Emphasis is on how to fight with absolute impunity—no more martyrs, no more casualties, and many more successes and victories.

EVERY TRUTH TROOPER—EVERY PATRIOT needs to attend and see this presentation of a comprehensive overview and the only viable plan of attack, fighting in a way that allows NO government retributionThis is an excellent opportunity to introduce your friends and neighbors to the freedom movement and get them involved in putting the IRS tentacle back in the box.

Seating is limited and admission is only $40 FRN ($2 US), so reserve your place at either the San Jose or Fresno events and be sure to bring a friend.  We cannot clone ourselves, but the Tea Party response proves Americans are looking for ways to bring the government back in tow.  Let’s show them the way.

Click here to learn how you can schedule a TA Save America Mini-Sem in your area.

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T-Troopers display their signs and hand out flyers at the main post office in Shreveport, La.  This group handed out all but a handful of 2,000 OST II and WTP CC ’09 flyers and another ream of flyers at the local Tea Party event.

Reports are coming in from all across the country and they’re all good.  T-Troopers and groups from every sector of the Freedom Movement participated in OST II events in front of over 1,200 post office branches this year, coming very close to our goal of doubling last year’s 734.  Many are reporting attempts by postal workers to interfere with and discourage posting signs and handing out flyers, but they persisted and handed out well over ONE MILLION flyers.

Tea Party events overshadowed the event with the media but many reported receiving local news coverage displaying the TruthAttack.org web site to millions of viewers.  Several ingenious T-Troopers decided to make lemonade out of tea bags by going to the Tea Party events with TA flyers and passing them out among the crowd.  There is no telling how many additional flyers were handed out in that way, but one particularly clever T-Trooper managed to maneuver his Truth Attack sign behind Neil Cavuto while he was interviewing Michael Reagan on Fox News. Give that man a medal.

Special thanks to the thousands of Truth Troopers and our brothers and sisters from the rest of the Freedom Movement for another immensely successful OST project.  Next year’s will be even bigger and better and maybe, just maybe, we won’t need one for the year following.



April 19, 2009

"It is a republic, Madam…if you can keep it." —B. Franklin

HTML clipboard EDITOR’S NOTE: Please excuse the delay in getting this month’s NFTF out and its abbreviated scope—personal demands on editorial staff have impaired our ability to devote our customary attention to the task. The upcoming May issue will catch you up on the rest of what is going on.

Is It About Money?

Think again. This is about your freedom and your right to govern your own life, community and state; but most of all this is about your sole ownership of your labor and the fruits of that labor. You are not a slave, not in whole, not in part, not in any way.

More Details

Is It About Freedom?

  • The US Constitution prohibits any direct tax upon your labor or property. When federal agencies are allowed to operate above the law only then can you be ruled by fear, intimidation and force.  YOU ARE NOT FREE!
  • The Fed uses money stolen through income tax to buy legislators and bring states in line. Thus the Fed, not you nor your state representatives, rules. Your state has  been reduced, once again, to a colony of a distant and indifferent  government, and YOU ARE NOT FREE!
  • Finally, third, and perhaps even more importantly, the power to tax  is the power to destroy. If the federal government can tax one freedom, it can tax all of our freedoms. If we permit them to tax our most precious and  fragile assets, if all we have is kept only by the consent of the  government—then we are at its mercy and YOU ARE NOT FREE!

Our Mission: Evolution, Not Revolution

A wall stands between you and economic freedom. That wall went up one brick at a time but can be taken down in the same way. Help us get Americans and even the IRS to better understand our Constitutional freedoms. And engage with the IRS safely through risk-free activities.

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Welcome to Truth Attack, a coalition of like-minded citizens and groups working to restore the limited and distant federal republic guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Memorandum

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Tom Cryer wrote The Memorandum. A must-read for every American. Welcome to the fight for YOUR economic rights.

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