• FACT #1: There is no law making working Americans liable for the income tax (MORE)

  • FACT #3: Your right to earn a living is as exempt from taxation as freedom of speech (MORE)

  • FACT #2: There is no lawful basis for treating personal earnings as 100% profit (MORE)

Innocence Revealed Now Available on DVD.

Five Attorneys and a former IRS Special Agent shows that the average American does not owe income tax. Amazing information! More Details

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See what an ex Special IRS Criminal Investigation Division agent has to say to his colleagues about who is required to file and pay an income tax. More Details

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Tom Cryer: Restoring Economic Rights

Tom Cryer on the Income Tax - Part 1

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Rediscover your constitutional rights

Dare to look behind the Wizard's curtain and you'll discover the "Great and Powerful Income Tax" is a monumental fraud. Cleverly built over decades amid the swamp of a single misunderstood word ("income") not to mention boxcars of false data heaped on school children, what your "income" actually IS -- as guaranteed by the US Constitution -- and what you think it is, are two separate things. Read on as Attorney Tom Cryer delivers you out of the IRS catecombs, toward a deeper appreciation of your own cherished freedoms and economic rights.

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When attorneys learn the truth then judges will not be able to ignore the law because they know everyone knows better. That is why we have to begin with the Bar and the courts.

But TA does not have the funds to do that. We are right on the brink of broke. WE NEED HELP!

We cannot continue to stay on the defensive and expect a different result. We have to take the initiative-we have to go on the offense-we have to ACT, not just REACT. But we cannot do that without everyone helping. Everyone includes you and everyone you know. Please help us take the Truth to those who need most to know. Please urge your friends and family to help.

This is a defining moment. Either we move forward or we will continue to be pushed backward. No amount is too small to make a difference and no amount is too large a price to pay for freedom and justice. Please send all the help you can to Truth Attack, 7330 Fern Ave., Suite 1102, Shreveport, LA 71105, or CLICK HERE to contribute on line.





99.9% of attorneys will instantly tell you that there is a law making working Americans liable for the income tax. They say this not because they have seen such a law, but because they know that it MUST exist in order for the IRS to impose the income tax on all working Americans. If they were to look for that law, however, they would very easily and quickly realize that it does not exist. As attorneys they would also instantly realize that without such a law the IRS is illegally collecting income taxes from millions of hardworking Americans. What will it take, however, to get them to look? What motivates most attorneys?

That's right . . . MONEY! Is it ethical, or even moral, to use money as bait for lawyers? Probably not, but this is war and the Truth is at stake. So, Truth Attack wants to place the following ad in Bar Journals across the country:

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This coming weekend, on November 12, Joe Banister and a host of Tax Honesty attorneys will be flying into TA Headquarters at Shreveport, Louisiana. Joe and attorneys Larry Becraft, Peter Gibbons and John Green, along with Tom Cryer, George Harp and Dr. Michael Cox (both attorney and medical doctor), will tape a powerful presentation aimed at federal judges, U. S. Attorneys and federal prosecutors demonstrating that those in the Tax Honesty Community are not criminals. The video will remind them that their first and foremost duty is not to prosecute the guilty, but rather to protect and shield the innocent. Coming from professionals like Joe and a bevy of highly credentialed and experienced attorneys, DOJ attorneys and federal judges will have to take these issues seriously and at least look into them. We know what they will find . . . the Truth.

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Joe Banister, the IRS's CID Special Agent who resigned when he discovered the Truth about the income tax law, has videotaped a very compelling appeal to his former colleagues to do their own investigation to determine whether they are keeping or breaking their oaths to support and uphold the law. He describes his own investigation and what he learned from it and calls upon them to look for themselves. We have also produced a companion CD providing everything an IRS agent needs to see that the IRS is violating the law and that they have been active accomplices. We want to send that DVD and CD to every IRS agent and officer we can, but we do not have the funds to duplicate the DVD and CD's, much less package and mail them out.

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Is It About Money?

Think again. This is about your freedom and your right to govern your own life, community and state; but most of all this is about your sole ownership of your labor and the fruits of that labor. You are not a slave, not in whole, not in part, not in any way.

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Is It About Freedom?

  • The US Constitution prohibits any direct tax upon your labor or property. When federal agencies are allowed to operate above the law only then can you be ruled by fear, intimidation and force.  YOU ARE NOT FREE!
  • The Fed uses money stolen through income tax to buy legislators and bring states in line. Thus the Fed, not you nor your state representatives, rules. Your state has  been reduced, once again, to a colony of a distant and indifferent  government, and YOU ARE NOT FREE!
  • Finally, third, and perhaps even more importantly, the power to tax  is the power to destroy. If the federal government can tax one freedom, it can tax all of our freedoms. If we permit them to tax our most precious and  fragile assets, if all we have is kept only by the consent of the  government—then we are at its mercy and YOU ARE NOT FREE!

Our Mission: Evolution, Not Revolution

A wall stands between you and economic freedom. That wall went up one brick at a time but can be taken down in the same way. Help us get Americans and even the IRS to better understand our Constitutional freedoms. And engage with the IRS safely through risk-free activities.

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Welcome to Truth Attack, a coalition of like-minded citizens and groups working to restore the limited and distant federal republic guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Memorandum

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Tom Cryer wrote The Memorandum. A must-read for every American. Welcome to the fight for YOUR economic rights.

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