Cease And Desist Letter

Dear Senator or Congressman (Name) or
Dear IRS [your local office]:

I have learned that there is no law making the average working American, myself included, liable for the income tax and that the IRS has lied in order to steal trillions of hard-earned dollars from working families without legal justification. I find that very disturbing.

The IRS and the Treasury Department have for years refused to respond to any inquiry regarding what law makes the average working American, myself included, liable for the tax. The reason they have refused is that there is no law.

I have also learned that the IRS contends my labor, my skill and my personal effort, and even my worklife span, which are my property and are depleted every day, are not only worthless, but that I have given absolutely nothing in exchange for my earnings. I deeply resent and am profoundly offended by that claim.

I have also learned that the tax, applied to 100% of my earnings, is taxing my human capital, what I have given up and invested in order to receive and EARN (NOT been given for nothing) my earnings. As applied, the IRS is taxing my property, my capital, which the Constitution prohibits without apportionment among the states.

My right to earn a living for myself and my family by engaging in any lawful occupation is my God-given, natural, fundamental right, and is Constitutionally exempt from taxation.

I therefore demand that this unlawful and unconstitutional practice of conning and extorting money from hardworking Americans cease immediately. I await and expect your prompt and favorable reply.


[your signature]


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