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I feel dismayed over the insistence of the IRS, DOJ, and USDC and USCCA Judges that the IRC (26 United States Code) section 61, and its predecessor section 22 from the 1954 IRC, includes wages, salaries, and compensation for services as gain, profit, or income in the meaning of gross income, and therefore imposes an income tax upon them.

Government HAMMERS the people into paying taxes they do not owe on their wages, salaries, and compensation because, apparently, the IRS, DOJ, and Courts CANNOT READ AND COMPREHEND simple English in the law, and ALSO because the law is not clear enough.

For the past 104 years the tax code has clearly included in the meaning of gross income ONLY gains, profits, and income DERIVED FROM wages, salaries, and compensation.

You do not have authority to impose an income tax on people's wages, salaries, or compensation because the mental labor, physical labor, and time-from-life expended in earning the wages, salaries, and compensation have exactly the same value as the wages, salaries, and compensation.  Therefore, they do not and cannot constitute gain, profit, or income, and so they do not and cannot constitute a component of gross income.

It would help if you would explain this to the executive and judicial branches who use the of the IRC to rob people blind.

I ask that you propose legislation to alter IRC section 61 with the following:

"Gross Income does NOT include wages or salaries or compensation for services.  Thus, wages, salaries, and compensation for services ARE NOT the subject of income taxation.  Gross income includes only gains, profits, and income derived from wages, salaries, and compensation for services."

I also suggest that you provide in the law some cogent examples of gain, profit, and income derived from wages, salaries, and compensation for services to help the courts in ruling against the IRS and DOJ.

If I have overlooked some element in my analysis, please correct my misapprehension.


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