There are a lot of things any of us can do and as long as we are doing these things we are making progress. Some will have huge effects, some will have small effects, but when thousands are having a small effect that, too, is a huge effect.


Here are some of the things available to you that any of us can do and if all of us do something we can move mountains - we can put the government back in its box . . . one tentacle at a time!!

Tyranny is easy - All tyranny asks of you is that you do nothing. So no matter what you do, DON'T DO NOTHING!! Take one of these powerful and effective ACTIONS every day. If every one of us will take just one of these simple and easy actions EVERY DAY we will be free of the labor tax before the next presidential election!! This is no time to be a spectatriot.

You're One-A-Day Freedom Program Menu (click the action title below for a more complete explanation):

This Year's Top Priority Project

Operation Rich Rewards


Join Liberty Works Radio Network

Spreading The Word

Drop Cards I DIY Campaign - Without the Fuss

Radio Talk Shows

Letters to the Editor - Ready Made for Your Signature

Talk About Tax Issues

Applying Pressure

Letters to your Congressmen and Senator - Just sign and send

Trojan Horse- Turn an IRS Agent in for Enlightenment

Operation Innocence Revealed - Help Educate the Court and the Public

Nominate a Federal Judge for the Truth Attack Judicial Hall of Shame

Rebut IRS's Calling the Truth Frivolous

On The Home Front

Form a Local Truth Attack Meet-Up Group

Join Your Local Tea Party Group


Welcome to Truth Attack, a coalition of like-minded citizens and groups working to restore the limited and distant federal republic guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Memorandum

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Tom Cryer wrote The Memorandum. A must-read for every American. Welcome to the fight for YOUR economic rights.

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Taking on the IRS is very costly. Support the fight to put the government back in its box... one tentacle at a time.

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Educate Others

One mission of Truth Attack is to educate ordinary Americans so the cause of Liberty can prevail!

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