One of our most important projects EVER-easy, inexpensive, but YOU will CAUSE an extremely powerful EFFECT


In order to succeed we have to re-educate the public. That means we have to inform 300,000,000 people that the IRS is lying about who owes the income tax and about what income really means, profit. Since the critical mass point for information spreading throughout the community without any further action-the point where it can no longer be stopped-is about 12.5%, that means we have to educate at least 38,000,000.  Big order, isn't it?

BUT . . . There are "only" 1.1 million lawyers in the country.  12.5% of that is less than 140,000.  If we can "clue in" 150,000 lawyers, then within six months the entire bar will know the truth without our having to do another thing.

Who do you ask about the law?  Your barber?  Grocer?  No, you go to a lawyer.  The public, all 300 Million of them, see the law through the eyes of the Bar.  To change what the public sees all we have to do is change what the public's "eyes" see.  See?

So here's how it works.  The Rich Rewards flyer is designed to get attorneys to look in the Code for the missing law by informing them of a $100,000 reward for simply finding one little statute, one making the working American liable for the income tax.  It will take them no time at all to realize it isn't there.  Not only that, once they see that it isn't there they will need no further explanation to know that means the entire income tax is a fraud.  Instant conversions to the Truth.  No arguing, no having to prove anything, no muss, no fuss.

Truth Attack is asking everyone, and that includes you, to make copies of the flyer, fold it into thirds and staple it.  You don't even need an envelop.  Now, take out your yellow pages and turn to Attorneys.  Start with the A's and mail a flyer to every lawyer in your yellow pages.  Just write the address on the stapled flyer, put a stamp on it and mail it.  You can do so many a day or work the whole bunch up and send them all out together.  Or you can have your group, whether Tea Party, Ron Paul or your own Truth Attack meetup group hold an address and stamping party and knock it all out.  Even if several people or groups are doing it in the same town, repetition gets more and more to learn the truth and, believe it or not, most lawyers do take their obligation to the law seriously. YOUR CAUSING them to look and learn the truth will make an immense difference-an EFFECT.

Some have complained that it isn't ethical to use money to bait lawyers, but that's tough.  It works.  What lawyer doesn't get excited when he sees "$100,000"?  They're addicted to that stuff.  They'll look and the jig will be up.

DO IT! It will work. CLICK HERE and download the one page flyer or here to get the flyer in Post Card form and get started today.

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