Simply download, put in your Congressman's and Senators' names and addresses and send-we give you everything you need, including the names and addresses for your district and State-Bring some representatives into the movement!  When you see these letters you know you have them cornered!! Just click on the letter you'd like to send below and add names and addresses - we can't make it any easier than that.

Don't have your Senators' or Congressman's names and addresses handy?
Who does? But that is not a problem. Click here and then click your state and then your congressional district. That will pull up a box with your congressman shown. Above that box is a selection for senators. Just click on the congressman or senator's name and then select "contact" and it will provide you with addresses and phone numbers for the Washington, DC, office as well as all offices in your state. (This Truth Attack tool also provides fax numbers, saving you the cost of a stamp if you can fax the letters in.)

Remember, although an unanswered letter may seem to have had no effect, that is not really the case. An answer, no matter what it may say, merely acknowledges receipt, but you already know that it was received because it was not returned to you. All letters, whether answered or not, are read by someone in the representative's office and all are logged as feedback from the public. Every letter has an effect because every representative keeps his finger in the air and is constantly gauging which way the wind is blowing. Since they count heads, not names, repetitive mailings will be counted as additional "heads".

Be a CAUSE of that EFFECT - send these powerful letters to your delegation often.

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