A Bit of Justice Karma Comin' Down

We're building a Truth Attack Judicial Hall of Shame - All you have to do is turn 'em in and we'll see they get the recognition they deserve.

For years, now, federal judges have been turning a blind eye and deaf ear to our Constitution and the law. And they're getting away with it! Why? There are two main reasons for that and we are doing something about both of them. The first is that the Bar is unaware of the truth, so judges can ignore the law without detection. This reason is being addressed by Operation Rich Rewards, which we hope you are participating in by sending flyers to all the lawyers in your city's yellow pages.

The second reason is that no one is watching and no one is telling the public about their abuses and neglect of the law. The judges who disrespect the Constitution and the rule of law are doing so because they consider themselves and their own opinions and interests as being more important than either. Self-centered, arrogant people like that all have an Achilles' heel-their overinflated and hyper-sensitive egos.

An empty balloon does not pop when pricked, but an inflated ego becomes very sensitive to criticism and ridicule. You can help us find those "pop-able" egos and this project will ensure they get the recognition they deserve. YOU do the watching and we will do the telling!

The Judicial Hall of Shame will shine a spotlight on their abusive behavior. Although those judges are ignoring the law we will expose that as being ignorant of the law. (After all, the judge wouldn't want us to report that he is knowingly disregarding law in favor of his fear or allegiance to the IRS or his own self-interest-would he?) When inducted into the Judicial Hall of Shame the inductee's name will be showcased on the web site for all to see along with a detailed explanation of his "claim to shame". Links to transcripts and other documents will verify that he has earned his place on the rolls of this "elite" group.

Taking a page from the IRS and DOJ's play book, every time a judge is inducted into the Hall of Shame a flurry of actions will occur:

  • Press releases announcing the honoring of his "honor" will be sent to the national media and to every news outlet within 100 miles of where he sits in his high and mighty judgment.
  • The same PR will be sent to his law school, his bar association, his fellow judges in his district, the judges of the appellate court for his circuit and any other groups, clubs or organizations his record reveals.
  • And, of course, his "honor" will be sent a beautifully engraved plaque commemorating the event of his induction complete with a laser-engraved photo:

What better way to recognize and expose those who are monkeying around with our Constitution and our laws? Just imagine being a fly on the wall when a pompous, arrogant, self-absorbed judge learns he has been inducted into the Truth Attack Judicial Hall of Shame and that everyone who treats him like the royalty he thinks he is now knows the truth about him.

What EFFECT will this have on how he conducts his court? What EFFECT will this have on other judges? What EFFECT will this have for those appearing in their courts? A watched thief does not steal and a watched judge is an honest judge!! Let's make some honest judges, shall we?

How you can help

YOU can be the CAUSE of this important EFFECT. We have all heard horror stories of judges who consider their own authority to be superior to the rule of law. If you have such a case of abuse that you believe has earned a judge such an honored place among his peers, send it to us. We will check it out, get the details and documentation and, where it is a clear-cut case of an arrogant violation, one egregious enough to be admired by his cohorts, we will honor your nominee by inducting him or her into the Truth Attack Judicial Hall of Shame.

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