Then get Vocal to the Locals!

Once you are a member of the local Tea Party group you have a receptive audience-we give you all you need to wake them up to the tax issues.

If you haven't joined your local Tea Party group, by all means do so. Not only is it fertile ground, the TP objectives (even if they can't articulate them, yet) are the same as ours-getting the rogue government back under the control of We the People-their anger and distrust of the federal government makes them receptive to Truth Attack's message.

These Americans are waking up to the grand deception, the notion that government's role is to provide for the peasants, that government is the solution for social, economic and educational issues and that being "freed" of having to make our own decisions is Freedom. They are trying to understand why America is declining, why their "dollars" are shrinking, how and why we lost control and why our courts are asleep at the Constitutional wheel.

We can provide you with materials and information you need to educate these willing, awakening Americans and bring them into the Freedom Movement in general and, particularly, into the Tax Honesty Movement:

  • A bright yellow "What Income Tax?" sign to brandish at Tea Party events,
  • The Memorandum you can download and distribute,
  • Soon Joe Banister's "Trojan Horse" DVD and
  • The DVD made by top attorneys in the field, "Innocence Revealed", will be available for you to use as programs for meetings.
  • "Innocence Revealed", the most comprehensive, compelling and powerful presentation of our issues ever will be published as a book that you can use as an educational tool.

The Tea Party crowd is waking up. They smell smoke (and other things) and you need to be there to show them what is burning!!

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Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Tom Cryer wrote The Memorandum. A must-read for every American. Welcome to the fight for YOUR economic rights.

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