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LWRN was spreading the freedom message in the early '90's and as long as it was on the air the movement grew and grew some more. The financial burden of acquiring and maintaining the stations in the network was too much when a key financial benefactor was targeted by the government and his assets frozen. Now, re-emerging, LWRN has a better plan.

By using "translators", a transmitter mounted on a tower that acts just like a local station, broadcasting the Truth that people will never hear anywhere else, LWRN can expand to cover the entire country at a tiny fraction of what it would cost to operate radio stations.

But it is going to take funding to acquire those translators and get them up and running. Help LWRN grow by joining the LWRN Fellowship. Freedom is not free, but it has never been so cheap--$10 a month!! CLICK HERE to join-Do it today!

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Welcome to Truth Attack, a coalition of like-minded citizens and groups working to restore the limited and distant federal republic guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Memorandum

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Tom Cryer wrote The Memorandum. A must-read for every American. Welcome to the fight for YOUR economic rights.

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One mission of Truth Attack is to educate ordinary Americans so the cause of Liberty can prevail!

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