Perseverance pays.  For what seems like eons John Kotmair has pushed, prodded and devoted virtually every waking hour to the resurrection of the Liberty Works Radio Network so that the Freedom Movement will have a real voice in the wilderness.  No one has worked any harder to achieve any goal than he and that is the kind of effort, the kind of irresistible and unrelenting force, that moves mountains.

This week LWRN hit the airwaves on WIFL 104.3 FM covering the Tampa, FL, area and across the nation on the internet.  Soon that signal will be boosted to include almost all of the state of Florida and several new affiliates are already lining up to sign on for the network.  Due to past interference by persons unknown new affiliates will not be disclosed until after they have joined the network and begun broadcasting the LWRN message.  NFTF will be distributing that information so you can tune in when it is available in your area.  In the meantime, you can listen to the sound of freedom on the internet.

The Schedule boasts nearly three dozen hosts from across the entire spectrum of the Freedom Movement.  Nationally known and highly regarded hosts like Devvy Kidd, Joe Banister and Pastor Ernie Sanders will cover issues from every angle and without any pressure from government or commercial interests.  Truth Attack is also broadcasting on LWRN weekdays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern.  (Note:  From 5/11 - 5/22/09 The Truth Attack Hour will be broadcast from 8-9 p.m. Eastern, but will resume it's 5-6 p.m. schedule on 5/25/09)

But that does not mean our mission is completed.  It is just beginning.  And LWRN, like any newborn, is wobbling on unsteady and uncertain legs.  It had to seize the opportunity to get airborne before it was truly and sufficiently backed by patriots like you.  It is hanging on financially by the skin of its teeth and desperately needs a push from all of us to get over the hump.  Please contribute today and make this huge success not just alive, but viable.

Contributions can be made to LWRN in a number of ways:  Cash or blank money orders can be mailed directly to "LWRN at P.O. Box 91, Westminster, MD 21158", or send a contribution by check payable to "Truth Attack" (Do not put LWRN on the "pay to" line) with "LWRN" only on the for line to "Truth Attack, 4348 Youree Dr., Shreveport, LA  71105".  You can also contribute to LWRN on line through Truth Attack's web site and click on "Donate to LWRN".  One time or, better still, automatic monthly contributions can be made on the TA web site.


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