Pre-Induction Physical Exam

Still considering becoming a non-filer?  Before you make that  decision and crawl into the its cave you should first make sure you are  fit for one-on-one combat with the beast.

First, it is important  to know the rules of engagement.  In the cave the beast makes the rules,  the beast defines "reality", calls what is fair and foul, who is safe  and out and it owns the scoreboard.  If you do battle in the cave, you  cannot win.  Thus the only way to win is to wrestle the fight out of the  cave and into a courtroom with a jury calling the game, and that means  going "all in", risking everything.  A decision like that requires and  deserves some serious thought.    

Before anyone can decide  whether to do singular battle with the beast he needs to give himself a  pre-induction physical.  He has to weigh the damage he can do to the beast from outside the cave by engaging in risk-free activities against the risk of actually serving the beast as a head on its lance  to use to frighten the peasants.  He has to make an objective appraisal  of his strengths and weaknesses, of the risks taken and the return he  can expect to gain.

1.  Does he have a firm and thorough grasp of the law?

Not  articles, not seminars, books, videos or lectures, but the law itself,  primary sources only:  Statutes, Regulations, Supreme Court  Cases--without anyone else's spin or interpretation, and including an  understanding of the phony counter-arguments and what makes them phony.   If not, then he is not equipped with the knowledge he must have to  serve in personal combat.

2.  Does he have the communication skills to convince a jury?

Not  all of us are able to articulate our beliefs and our knowledge to  others clearly.  And not many of us are able to do so in a manner that  the jury will understand and see them as believable, especially when  that jury "knows" and has always "known" the exact opposite was "true".   If not, then he is not qualified to engage in one on one combat with  the beast.

3.  Does he have the nerve to stand the ordeal--the stomach for litigation?

Not  many do.  They think that they do.  They fantasize about being a  courtroom wizard, but do they really have what it takes to stand toe to  toe with a seasoned prosecutor and stand their ground?  Does he have the  ability to think not only on his feet, but on the run and under fire?   To avoid being rattled and lose his train of thought-control of the  situation?

4.  Does he have the resources or access to the resources it will take to win?

And  this means a lot more than money (and plenty of it).  He has to have  the energy to spend hundreds of hours honing and polishing his knowledge  and his presentation.  He has to have qualified and experienced  attorneys who know the terrain and can guide him to the target-an  acquittal.  He has to have the theatrical skills to put himself across.   He has to have support to allow him to do all of these things without  the distractions of everyday life.

5.  Is he willing to accept the consequences of failure?

One  should never bet money he does not have or gamble what he is not  willing to lose.  If he does, he is, in poker terms, playing with  "scared money" and scared money is "dead money".  If he is not willing  to go to prison, to lose everything he has or ever will have, then he is  not qualified to engage in singular combat with the beast.  The jury  will sense his fear, but they will interpret it as guilt.

So,  how did your pre-induction physical turn out?  Are you up to engaging  the fangs and talons of the beast?  Or are you better suited to attack  its lies and myths where it cannot fight back?  Where can you do the  greatest good?  As one who shines the light of Truth or as a potential  head on the beast's lance?

One final note: The paratrooper is an indispensible factor in winning a war, but not the only indispensible factor. What about the fellow who folded his chute?

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